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Betsey Nagelsen McCormack

In 1996 played in the main draw of her 23rd consecutive Wimbledon

Won 25 doubles titles throughout the world including 2 Australian Opens

‘87 and ’89 Wimbledon Doubles Finalist

‘87 US Open Mixed Doubles finalist; won 1993 Wimbledon Over-35 Doubles, etc.

In 1994 broke the $1 million mark in career earnings

1973 - ranked as the world’s top junior player

Widow of Mark McCormack, founder of International Management Group (IMG), the sports and entertainment conglomerate

World’s largest athlete representation firm and largest producer of sports TV


Betsy Nagelsen McCormack: Return to Fitness BODY BALANCING
Betsy Nagelsen McCormack has been into fitness for most of her life. However, through the years, despite the good intentions she had for her body, she was really causing some damage. She worked her body hard. On top of playing tennis and training, she liked to run and do other physical activities. Betsy found that she was exercising incorrrectly, over-using her joints, and improper nutrition. As a result she had numerous physical injuries to her knees, elbow, wrist, and hip. This made Betsy more cautious about what exercises she would do.

One day a friend gave Betsy one of Tim Michaels' Body Balancing DVDs to watch. Betsy saw some of his exercises on the Quadmaker (exercises mainly for the lower body using Michaels' ramp exercise system) and thought that this was just the type of exercise program she needed. Later, this same friend introduced her to Tim, and he said he would help her with her hip problem. Betsy started on Tim's Body Balancing fitness system and saw results right away. It wasn't difficult for Betsy to start the program. As she kept up with Body Balancing, she has found improvement in her problem areas as well as developing strength in her upper body (she can do chin ups and dips, things she couldn't do before) . Betsy likes the efficiency of Tim's system – one can get strong with litte effort and time and reap a lot of benefits. She loves "The Ramp" and says it's the safest, simplest exercise system she's found with the most benefit.

Betsy grew up in Florida. When she was 6, friends of her parents had an extra ticket to a professional tennis match. She was mesmerized and began playing within 3 months. When Betsy was 16, she and a friend went Christmas shopping at the mall, and Betsy saw a display for the Living Bible. She flipped it open to Romans 8:28 and decided to buy the Bible for her mother. Two weeks later her mother was invited to a Thursday morning Bible study. As Betsy was on a modular school schedule and got out at 10:30 am on Thursdays, she went to the Bible study with her mother. They both accepted Jesus as their Savior at the first Bible study.

At 17 Betsy was ranked as the world’s top junior player, and she turned pro the next year in 1974. In those days (the end of the Billy Jean King era) Betsy says it was very different for the young players than it is today. Traveling with the other players on buses and trains through Europe, she learned many skills and developed character. Today tennis is big business with incredible pressures of choices, rankings, contracts, etc., placed on youngsters. Parents must become very wise although they may not have any training to guide their child and their goals may not always be the best.

Betsy lost her first pro tournament, the U.S. Open, in round 16 to Billy Jean King. A few days later she and Martina Navratilova (who had been the top European junior the year before when Betsy was the top U.S. junior) were messing around on the court. Betsy fell over the net, and two days later woke in excruciating pain. Martina soon won the first of her 161 tournaments, while Betsy was hospitalized and told she needed surgery for a lesion on her vertebrae.

After months of medical care, Betsy and her mother attended a Kathryn Kuhlman meeting in Orlando. Kathryn pointed in Betsy’s direction and said, “Someone over here in a back brace is being healed.” The second time she said it, Betsy’s mother told her it was she. Betsy said if Kathryn said it a third time, she would know it was for her. It was said a third time and Betsy stood up. One of Kathryn’s staff prayed with her and from that day Betsy has had no back pain. (She has had nine knees surgeries and stress fractures in her foot, etc., but no back pain.)

The year 1990 was a true spiritual turning point for Betsy. She realized she needed to grow more in the Lord and had been baptized in the Holy Spirit years earlier in England when she prayed with some strong believers there. An injury in 1990 caused her to miss the Australian Open. Learning about spiritual warfare, she and some friends visited a service where an anointed minister laid hands on her and prayed. Being slain in the Spirit, Betsy was also set free of some troubling dreams.

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