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Veronica Macias: The Other Side of Fame

By Ken Hulme and Stephen Hubbard
The 700 Club

CBN.comVeronica Macias, with her striking good looks and a penchant for acting, had finally reached the pinnacle of her career.

Veronica says, “I was with many soap operas, and I was famous in Mexico to United States also Latin America. I was in front of the cameras and many people and fame and autographs and money. I had two new cars, one brand new house.”

For the past 15 years this Mexican born diva has entertained television viewers on two continents.

Veronica MaciasHer last program, a popular Spanish version of Candid Camera, catapulted her to the top of her game.

Of course, Veronica took every opportunity to drink up the fame and fortune that TV stardom brought her.

Veronica recalls, “I was going to parties. I was drinking alcohol, tried to smoke or do many things that are not correct to do. Then I felt guilty and knew that God was not happy with me.”

Veronica grew up in a Christian home but the pull of success, fame and money drew her away from the God she knew as a child. Fame took its toll.

“I was lonely. When the show finished and I used to go home, I was very lonely,” Veronica says. “I cried. I was afraid. I thought once of this suicide. It was horrible. I was really getting crazy.”

Then seven years ago Veronica began looking for a way out of her growing unhappiness and loneliness, which seemed to permeate her days in the TV studios.

Veronica says, “I was tired of all that. I was really tired because that world is not real. The people A Younger Veronica Maciasthere are not happy.”

Veronica remembered how she had prayed as a child. One day she simply fell to her knees and began to cry out to God for the first time in a very long time…

“I asked the Lord, 'Please forgive me,'” she says. “'I know that I have done this and this and this.' I started telling Him everything that I have done.”

In that moment, God heard her simple prayer and came into in her heart.

Veronica remembers, “He changed my life. I stopped doing things that I was doing before. Then the Lord changed my life and gave me peace and happiness.”

Veronica Macia TodayVeronica is now happily married with a young son and another baby on the way. She is using her many talents to serve the Lord in a new way as the host of the Spanish 700 Club.

As for the things that once controlled her life, Veronica says, “I can tell you by experience that it's not the money that makes you happy. It's not the fame. It’s not to give autographs or have a brand new car. It is just Jesus who fills your heart, who changes you, makes you feel clean. And you can start your life."

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