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Dr. Drew Ordon: 5-Minute Health Fixes

By Mia Evans-Saracual
The 700 Club -Mia Saracual, 700 Club Producer/Reporter: “You’ve been called the ‘Governor of Plastic Surgery.’  What do you love most about your work?”

Dr. Drew Ordon: “That’s a title that Dr. Phil gave me and I’m not sure exactly how he came up with that. But I take that as a compliment, a little tongue in cheek. But it just means that I love what I do, that I’ve been doing it for quite awhile, that I send the message board certified plastic surgeons, there’s a right way to do things, do plastic surgery for the right reasons.”

Mia: “And reconstructive surgery.”

Dr. Drew: “Well, reconstructive surgery. And that’s the difference. That a plastic surgeon has gone through training 7 years, same as a heart surgeon or a brain surgeon. So we’re trained in so many more things people don’t realize. That’s another part of my mission is to educate that we do a lot of different things other than just cosmetic surgery.”

In the ‘Doctors Five-minute Health Fixes’… the docs give expert advice on how to recharge your health.

Mia: “What are some of your favorite 5-minute fixes in the area of cosmetic surgery?”

Dr. Drew: “Oh, I have so many and we’re sitting in the green room! This is where I run my little spa! You know, what I say, ‘If you can eat it, if it’s good for you on the inside, it’s probably going to do your skin some help also.’ But I guess my greatest hits… diaper cream. Diaper cream like Desenex cream, because it’s thick, because of the zinc, zinc we know helps in healing, and great moisturizer. So put a little on baby’s butt and then put some on your face. And then another little trick that I like is lemon juice. If you have brown spots, sun spots or age spots, if you’re good about it, putting lemon juice on a couple times a day, you may actually fade those brown spots.”

Mia: “You have a 5-minute fix for treating smelly feet. What’s your secret?”

Dr. Drew: “That is in the book, isn’t it? I’ve talked about it. Dr. Sears has also tackled that one. But you put your feet in black tea. You soak your feet in tea and there’s a certain property of the tea that will get that foot smell out of there and it feels pretty good, too.”

Mia: “What’s the best way to treat a burn? My mom told me margarine, butter.”
Dr. Drew: “Don’t butter a burn. You don’t want to butter a burn and you don’t want to put ice on it either because that’s a little too cold. You may actually make the burn worse if it’s too cold. So put it in cool water, I would apply Bactrotracen if you have it, Neosporin, or just plain Vaseline. You may want to keep it wrapped. Simple tricks.”

Mia: “What are the top three things people can do to lower their risk of skin cancer?”

Dr. Drew: “As the plastic surgeon, I am sort of the skin guru on the show. And the skin, the largest organ of your body, it’s the most common site of cancer. You really do need to watch your skin, because skin cancer is preventable. You want to prevent getting it before you get into treating it. So what can you do? It’s all about sunscreen. It’s all about getting your yearly examinations. And it’s ‘get to know your moles’. Keep on eye on things on your body if they’re growing, if you see that they’re changing, you need to have that looked at.”

Mia: “As a whole, The Doctors are champion humanitarians. Was your trip to Haiti life-changing?”

Dr. Drew: “I think going to Haiti was one of the best things that I’ve done on the show. Going there and sending a message back. Yes, we actually got to do what we do. I debrided some burns. I repaired a young boy’s scalp, laceration and injury. So, I did what I do. But that’s the easy part, you know. Being a plastic surgeon’s one thing. But it’s the message that we sent. We went there a month after the earthquake and showed what’s going on and the kind of help that these people need.”

Whether he’s helping needy patients abroad, or in front of a live studio audience, Dr. Drew’s work continues to touch lives.

Dr. Drew: “I’m blessed that I’ve been given sort of that role to help people that are considering plastic surgery to make the right choices.”

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