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Courtney McBath
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Living at the Next LevelLiving at the Next Level (Howard Books/Simon & Shuster 2008)


Founding Pastor, Calvary Revival Church, Norfolk, VA; 8,000 members since 1990 Bishop of int’l Calvary Alliance of Churches & Ministries, since 1998

Author of numerous books

Host of weekly TV show, The Voice of Revival airs nationally and in West Africa

Board of Trustees, Regent University

Education: M.A. Regent University; B.S., MIT

Wife of 28 years: Janeen; 5 grown children


Courtney McBath: Living at the Next Level

By The 700 Club Living @ the Next Level comes over 40 years after Bishop McBath's commitment to God when he was eight-years old.  He feels that it is a gift from God to be able to share the concept of when we accept Jesus as our Savior, we are at the next level!  He says that when it comes to living at the next level, the question shouldn't be, "How do I get to the next level?"  The real question should be, "How do I live at the next level?" We just need to learn how to live the life God meant for us to live. As we live that life, we will find that friendship with God is the Next Level and living at the Next Level is journeying in friendship with God.

When you receive Christ as your Savior, you begin a friendship with God and you have begun your "Next Level" journey. This friendship with God sustains us on the journey and the friendship is our true destination.  When we pray, Bishop McBath says that prayer is a direct correlation to our friendship with God.  “Friendship means spending time with Him, not praying just to get answers or praying for something like global evangelization.”  He says it is important to understand the God desperately wants to be friends with us.  When our desire is to become friends with God, then we will naturally pray for the things that God desires.

In living at the "Next Level," we need to cultivate different attitudes of the heart.

The four heart attitudes to develop are:

Bishop McBath had a keen sense that God was calling him to be His friend and to walk with Him.  Bishop McBath always knew that God knew him deeply. At 13 years old, he knew he was called into ministry and was already preaching. At 17, Bishop McBath received the opportunity to attend MIT and went there.  He met various challenges, but decided to endure and hold onto his faith and friendship with God.  God used this experience to grow Bishop McBath in character. During this period, Bishop McBath married his wife, Janeen.  After MIT and a few more years in Boston, Bishop and his wife moved to Tennessee where he continued his work as an engineer.  At thirty, Bishop McBath and his wife felt that God was calling them to start a church in Norfolk, Virginia. In 1990, the church was established and today it is one of the largest churches in America (according to Outreach Magazine). 

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