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Mark DeMoss


President, The DeMoss Group, Inc., a full service public relations firm, since 1991

Clients include Promise Keepers, Prison Fellowship, American Bible Society,, etc.

B.S., Liberty University, Political Science

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Mark DeMoss and The Little Red Book

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The Little Red Book Of Wisdom is packed with proven principles for personal and professional fulfillment. Veteran public relations executive Mark DeMoss shares insights for living wisely gathered from experience, history, and the Bible. Many of the 23 short chapters challenge conventional wisdom and will provoke people of all ages to think differently about life, death, wealth, and the pursuit of the American Dream. "We're not talking about New Year's resolutions here; we're talking about every person's option, sooner or later, to live deliberately," says DeMoss.   

Too many people seem to think wisdom is reserved for the best-educated, highest-paid, and most powerful among us, but DeMoss, counsel to some of the world's most influential Christian leaders, offers the message that wisdom is not found exclusively in ivory towers or among the elite.  "I believe wisdom is available to all of us, regardless of age or stage of life, and this little book shares simple ways in which we can acquire and apply it," says DeMoss.

Some of the issues DeMoss tackles in this book are: life and death, honesty, integrity, wealth and prosperity, deathbed regrets, listening and many other real-life, relevant issues.  He explores the vast topics through the wisdom of a looking glass.   DeMoss challenges "conventional" wisdom of today like: Work harder if you want to get ahead, Technology is everything, There are self-made millionaires, and Money is king in the work force.  Instead of these long-thought of ideas about getting ahead in life, DeMoss titled his chapters things like, "Work Less, Think More," and "Good People Are Everything; Money Isn't." 

In the chapter about money, DeMoss talks about how he decided to give his employees a one month sabbatical after five years of service to show his appreciation.   He says, "Happy people affect everything else."  His words of wisdom include: "Great people aren't just the main thing, they are everything," and he says, "In business, a leader does well to think less about being great and brilliant than being good and appreciative."

The Little Red Book of Wisdom also features wisdom from famous people like Billy Graham, Nelson Mandela, and golfer John Daly, as well as ordinary people who have demonstrated extraordinary wisdom, including a school janitor, an auto mechanic, and a missionary.  While the subject of wisdom seems lofty and out of reach to many people, the gaining of wisdom is amazingly simple. Readers of all ages can apply almost any of these principles in a matter of minutes.


What qualifies DeMoss to teach about wisdom?  He credits much of his wisdom as coming from the Bible, specifically the book of Proverbs.  He calls Proverbs, "The greatest textbook of all time on the subject of wisdom," and says he has read a chapter a day, every single day for half of his life.  Cumulatively, DeMoss has read Proverbs entirely  more than 250 times.  He says the book provides reminders of timeless truths and principles for almost every aspect of life.

In addition to his studies of Proverbs, DeMoss has acquired wisdom though his experiences.  DeMoss is president of The DeMoss Group, an Atlanta-based full service public relations firm he founded in 1991 specifically to serve Christian organizations and causes. More than 100 non-profit organizations and corporations have sought counsel and support from his firm in the areas of communications, media relations, marketing, non-profit management, and crisis management. A number of the largest non-profit organizations in America are counted among The DeMoss Group's clients.

Mark and his wife April live in Atlanta, Georgia, with their three teenagers. His father, the late Arthur S. DeMoss, was a successful businessman, having pioneered direct response marketing of life insurance through the National Liberty Corporation which he founded.

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