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Kate Gosselin: 'Eight Little Faces'

By Heather Boyd
The 700 Club


Jon and Kate Gosselin wanted the typical American dream; a happy marriage, healthy kids, and a safe home.

“Married life was all I had imagined and more. We were young, healthy, and ambitious, and it wasn’t long before baby fever set in. However, though I had always longed to be a mom, the perennial dark question ‘What if I can’t?’ accompanied my dream. I soon discovered I had a condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Jon and I were devastated,” Kate said.

Despite their fears, the couple was able to get pregnant with twins, with the help of artificial insemination.

“I had everything I had ever hoped and prayed for: a loving and devoted husband, two chubby-cheeked, silky-haired, pint sized daughters, a cozy home, and a rewarding career as a neo-natal nurse.  It was the American dream- but I was having dreams of another sort,” Kate said.

She couldn’t shake the desire to have one more baby, but the couple got more than they bargained for. Three years after giving birth to twin girls Madelyn and Cara, and after two rounds of artificial insemination, the couple discovered they were pregnant again - with sextuplets. 

“I had a bazillion concerns:  Would my babies live? Would the babies be healthy? How would we all fit into our house? How many diapers a day? A week? A year?  What about clothes, food, and- oh my goodness-college?” Kate said.

The doctors urged the couple to consider selective reduction because doctors claimed that the lives of the the babies and Kate were in danger, but the couple refused. 

Jon and Kate Gosselin

“Jon and I believe that every life, whether a second old after conception or a full forty-week term, robustly healthy or horribly sick, fully developed or severely challenged-every life is designed and ordained from God,” Kate said.

Despite the concerns of the doctors, on May 10th, 2004, 30 weeks into the pregnancy, Kate went into labor. At 7:51 that morning, the tiny but healthy sextuplets were born by caesarean. 

“Our doctor commented several times that having six out of six infants 100 percent healthy was an absolute miracle. We wholeheartedly agree,” she said.

Life in the Gosselin household changed forever that day. The next year proved to be a challenge.

“Did you ever read that stress chart? Pretty much, honestly, every one on there. A move or two; birth of 6 babies, not just one. Jon’s dad passed away. He was our most involved grandparent. That was a big blow. Jon was unemployed this entire time. We couldn’t pay our bills. Jon stood in line at the Salvation Army for heating assistance. We experienced a lot of guilt because we couldn’t afford two kids, let alone eight,” Kate said.

The physical stress of caring for eight children was extremely difficult for the family. In the first year alone, the Gosselins’ endured nearly 13,000 diaper changes, almost as many bottle feedings, and nearly 1,000 loads of laundry.


During the whirlwind years of pregnancies, preemies, marathon bottle preparation, mountains of laundry, and endless nights with very little sleep, Jon and Kate learned much about faith, life, love, and perseverance. In her new book, Kate shares some of those insights, her favorite Scripture verses, and some never before seen family photos. 

“Through this experience without a doubt, we’ve come out of it realizing how much God loves us and how much He wants to bless us,” Kate said. “I just think it’s an amazing journey. When I look at it and when I read it, that’s our story that we lived; but it’s God’s story that He gave to us. So, if I can encourage one Mom to just keep going, I think it’s worth it.” 

Kate dedicated this new book to her eight children, Cara, Madelyn, Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah and Joel. The twins are nine and the sextuplets are five.

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