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january 23, 2007

15-Year-Old Inspires People to End Slavery

Today, an estimated 27 million people are in slavery—more than in the 400 years of the transatlantic slave trade. Many of these modern-day slaves are teenagers. But one 15-year-old crusader, Zach Hunter, is proving that there is no age requirement on making a difference in the world. Hunter is leading a revolution, mobilizing students (and adults) to end modern-day slavery.

Hunter hopes to inspire students to bring about an amazing change in themselves and the world through his new book, Be the Change: Your Guide to Freeing Slaves and Changing the World in Other Ways. This important new release is an official companion book to The Amazing Change campaign ( -- and it coincides with the new major motion picture, Amazing Grace, the story of William Wilberforce and the abolition of the Atlantic slave trade (in theaters February 23rd -- watch for's upcoming special section).

Hunter has been fighting slavery and other forms of oppression for the past three years through activities like:

In Be the Change, Hunter helps teenagers understand the reality of modern-day slavery by providing startling statistics, real life stories from former slaves, and practical tools to mobilize people into action. Hunter parallels the powerful stories of those who fought for change centuries ago -- such as William Wilberforce and Harriet Tubman -- with examples of contemporaries fighting for justice, such as Mother Teresa, Bono and Jon Foreman from the music group Switchfoot.

"There is a yearning for justice inherent in the lining of every heart, and a sense encircling every synapse that tells us things are not as they ought to be in this world," says Jars of Clay vocalist, Dan Haseltine. "Zach Hunter's life and words cry, "freedom" with the force of William Wallace."

Hunter believes that today’s generation can abolish slavery and looks at the elements people need to make amazing changes in the world; elements such as courage, leadership and compassion. Hunter encourages others to ignite their passion and start making changes.

"A new generation of prophetic voices is emerging that understands (like the prophets of old) that God desires justice to roll like waters," says author and pastor John Ortberg. "Zach Hunter, at the age of 15, is one of those voices. We all need to listen."

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Learn more about Zach Hunter and his ministry.

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