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SONICflood: A Call for 'This Generation'

By Belinda Elliott Producer There are so many worship albums lining the shelves of Christian bookstores today that I often find it difficult to stumble upon one that truly makes a lasting impression on me. Perhaps that is the reason I was somewhat disappointed by SONICflood’s newest offering, This Generation.

First let me say that overall it is not a bad album. There is just nothing that memorable about it either.

The band has had a rough journey. The original SONICflood, led by Jeff Deyo, grabbed a large following with the release of their self-titled debut in 1999. At the time, the album was one of the best in the emerging modern worship movement. Once the band split the following year, front man Rick Heil was left to recruit new members. The band’s roster has been constantly changing ever since, and the quality of their albums has suffered.

This Generation comes on the heels of yet another change in the band’s makeup with SONICflood welcoming all new members except for Heil, but this time the fresh talent seems to have been a positive change. The music has a more polished sound and much more energy than the band’s previous albums.

Perhaps part of the band’s zeal comes from Heil’s miraculous healing from Crohn’s disease, a serious intestinal disorder. “Normally, you have it for life,” Heil says on the band’s Web site, “but I was in the hospital in March and one of the top surgeons went through all my intestines and said there was no disease to treat.”

As a result of a surgery related to his condition Heil had to learn to sing all over again, but it seems to have had no impact on his performance. The vocals on This Generation are some of his best.

The message behind the music is an admirable one, calling this generation to return to God, celebrate His goodness, and refocus on living for Him, as the title track explains:
This generation worships You
This generation seeks Your face
This generation kneels before You
This generation adores You
This is a call to worship
This is a call to sing
This is a call to fall down on our knees before the Risen King.

Although the album’s best tracks offer high-energy guitar riffs and a few catchy melodies, the lyrics often feel forced and simplistic. Only a few of the songs really dive below the surface of feel-good Christianity to deliver a deeper reflection of God and the Christian life.

One of the album’s best tracks, “Your Love Goes on Forever,” offers a likable melody praising God’s endless love. And perhaps the most well-written track, “More Than Anything,” describes a hunger for God that nothing else will satisfy.

Another track that is not quite as memorable, but would be suitable for corporate worship, “God is Here” simply celebrates who God is, while “Prodigal” reminds listeners that God is waiting to welcome them back into His arms.

If you have enjoyed SONICflood’s past albums, you will probably find this one to be very pleasant also. It is indeed an improvement over their more recent offerings, but it falls far short of many of the other praise and worship albums that are out there.


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