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Five Habits That Cultivate a Lasting Love


Five Habits That Cultivate a Lasting Love

Dr. Malinda Fasol shares five ways you can help cultivate good communication in your marriage.

12 Ways to Keep Your Love Alive


12 Ways to Keep Your Love Alive

Dr. Gary Smalley offers tips to keep the intimacy alive in your marriage.

Rekindle the Romance


Rekindle the Romance

If you aren’t winning in the romance department, you can improve very simply as you become more proactive in your romantic relationship.

What happens when there are problems or strife in marriage?

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Dealing with Pet Peeves

For whatever reason, there comes a point in a lot of marriages when couples get weary and let go. To have and to hold, as well as to love and to cherish, turns into I have done my part.

Five Things Every Marriage Needs

These are five things every individual (not just married people) needs in life, but we tend to look for them in all the wrong places.

What Men Wish Women Knew

Learn the 10 things guys wish women understood.

Getting Your House in Order

Marriage 911 blogger Dr. David Hawkins counsels a couple dealing with layers of unresolved issues.

Growing Together in Marriage

Feel like you've outgrown your marriage? Discover the truth about “growing apart”!

Recycle Your Marriage

Marriage seem to be disposable in America today. So what can you do to recycle your marriage instead of throwing in the towel? Here are a handful of ideas to get you started.

Letting Go of a Lost Love

Marriage 911 blogger Dr. David Hawkins counsels a woman who is coming to grips with her husband's affair and the pending divorce.

Learning to Trust Your Spouse God's Way

With God's help, you can find true peace in your marriage this year.

Helping a Friend Through a Divorce

Although some people say hurtful things, you may desire to reach out during divorce but don’t know how. Here is a list of things that might help.

Marital Strife and Your Health

Being married can mean better health, but being happily married seems to matter most.

Forging the Path Toward Marriage is going beyond generic promises to guide the hopeful towards real connections that lead to holy matrimony.

How to Be the Perfect Christian Family

Too many couples spend a lot of needless time and energy trying to keep up appearances with their Christian friends.

Make Your Spouse Feel Special Again

Author Jim Burns offers some sound advice on how to maintain the “magic” in your marriage.

Fighting Back Against Abuse

Abused women often feel there's no way out. Kelly Stigliano knows the feeling all too well. She shares her story and advice for those who feel trapped in abuse.

Can This Marriage Be Saved?

There is no simple formula for marriage restoration after adultery. However, if a couple sincerely desires a healthy marriage, there is a way.

Refresh Your Spiritual Intimacy

If you crave deeper spiritual intimacy with your spouse, here are some helpful tips.

Recession-Proof Your Marriage

Home prices have fallen, but your love and marriage don’t have to fluctuate negatively with market lows.

Get Your Husband to Listen to You

There are steps that women can take to improve communication with the men in their lives, if they are willing.

Too Damaged to Love Again?

Is it possible to be so damaged emotionally that you actually can't love again? Marriage therapist Linda Riley answers this tough question.

Six Keys to a Better Marriage

If you want to strengthen your union right away, start showing your spouse real love using these principles.

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The Wedding and Beyond

Recently engaged? Newly married? Check out our Guide to Marriage.

Making Love Work

Dr. David Hawkins helps you to strengthen and nurture your marriage.

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Couples who Pray

Couples who pray together have greater intimacy, better communication, and more stable marriages. Improve your relationships in just five minutes a day!

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