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When The Pattern is Right, The Fire Will Fall, Part Two

By Jerrell Miller
The Remnant Christian Newspaper - PENSACOLA, FL - The odd question is why were honored to be there and why did he choose us? The answer was that he chose those who were assembled that day because he could trust them.

The Holy Spirit knew that if he could touch a man with honor then the fire would never go out. Pastor Paul Yongi Cho said it well one night in April, "Revival will continue until Jesus comes."

Has the fire gone out? Let's say the fire has added new wood to the situation. The battles have been many in the holy place. Those who are experienced in revival have known the hurt of betrayal and have seen those who were once faithful fall away. But somehow the Brownsville Assembly of God has maintained a core of people who are still in place. You can still see the same ushers at the door -- Bill Bush and Elmer Melton are still in place. The worship leader Lindell Cooley is still there. The intercessors are still there under the direction of one faithful servant named Lila. Gone are days of revival when it went from Wednesday to Sunday, but the sense of expectancy is still among the people.

One great man of God once said that revivals usually don't happen in the same way as it happened before. That's why the last generation of revival can never accept the new move of God. But somehow Brownsville is different for they have allowed the prophets to speak over them and they have not been so trained by religion as to retreat. There is still prayer and fasting in the sanctuary and there is still hope in the people.

When we see where we are going then we will know where we have been -- that is a famous quote about historical situations. We have seen the fresh move of God always being under attack by those who were part of the last move of God. At Brownsville the people are ready and they understand that process. Constant writings and speakers have spoken into revival leaders there so they can understand the road and the process of maintaining the move of God. The greatest understanding is that when you are attack from the outside or the inside, do not answer your attackers, but stand and let God turn the persecution into revelation.

Two particular incidents are brought to mind. During the attack from the local newspapers, people went to work to make sure what was said was answered -- and not just answered but the church became accountable at that time. The attack raised the standard of accountability so high that the flow of what would happen next would never be questioned again.

Another challenge was the attack from within. During the time of the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry several people came to the aid of the school. One person who came at that time was Dr. Larry Martin. It was in the early months of January and February of 2001 that a small crew of teachers saw the fire come forth. Those who remained faithful to the ship during that period of time saw the glory of God. The best education that these students and teachers could ever receive was the actual events of revival fire happening in their midst. A simple prayer over a young girl from England who had lost her mother the night before ignited the glory of God within the walls of the Orange Sanctuary on Highway 98. As the school and the church became one the fire flowed out of the school into the Brownsville Sanctuary to ignite the sanctuary during the "Bridging The America's Conference."

It started on a Saturday night during the worship service. Cindy Jacobs was late to show for the meeting but the minister of music, Lindell Cooley, saw and felt the tangible presence of God in the Holy place. As the prophet showed up that night a glory entered the sanctuary and the hope of revival was more than it was before. The next day during the Sunday morning service the prophet Cindy Jacobs began where she left off the night before. Those two days of the prophet's visit were just before the conference, and when the conference began the stage was set. Those who came back on Monday from the weekend of glory experienced the same things in the early Monday morning as John and Carol Arnott brought the glory in the early meetings. Those who have been around this fire for a while began to understand that this glory that came during these meetings was something that was already in place since the beginning. The prophet called it forth on Saturday and Sunday and the ministry was hot for the next four days.

Claudio Ferzone stood in the pulpit of fire on one of the nights and just waved his hand under the power. As his hand went, people started shaking violently in the choir and the first 15 rows of people on the right hand side of the pulpit were dropped under the power of the Holy Spirit.

Was it the message? Was it the man who caused this? It was neither the man nor the message -- it was a tremendous impartation of His presence that came down in a time and in a place where God desired it to be.

Events and places mark the place where God has been. The young girl on August 18, 1995, spoke the greatest prophetic word over the revival. She sounded a warning that is still in the ears of those who heard it. As she shook in the holy place, the transition of all time could be heard in her voice -- her pastor fell back under weight of the glory of that moment and as the young maid heralded the coming of Jesus. "Repent, make straight the way of the Lord for his coming is very very soon. We stand at the gate of the Lord and we are beginning to see Him as He is, His glory is being revealed to us more and more each day."

In recent days Pastor Kilpatrick has led intercessors and the church toward the burden of Jerusalem. The sound of the shofar can be heard around the world, and those who can hear it have separated themselves in holiness to seek the face of God. This revival is not about a man, but it is about His coming and His divine presence.

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