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Daily Devotion - Valentines

Loving the Unloveable

The early church had two saints named Valentine. In one story the Roman Emperor Claudius II forbade young men to marry, thinking that single men made better soldiers. A priest named Valentine disobeyed and secretly married young couples. Read more on the origins.

Redemption’s Ring

Over the years, our “Happily Ever After” hasn’t always been the fairy tale we hoped for. “For richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health” have been tougher promises than either of us ever expected. But through it all, we’ve found hope in offering each other one more chance for redemption.

A Valentine’s Letter to Jesus

Have you ever thought of writing Jesus a Valentine’s letter? Could you or I love Jesus that much? I’m not talking about sentimental gush, but deep and thoughtful love from the heart.

What’s Love Got to Do With It?

Over the last fifty years or so, thanks to an increasingly amoral entertainment industry, love has become synonymous with sex. Sad to say, most people don’t know the difference.

Love Is In the Air

Flowers will die, candy gets eaten, balloons will pop, the stuffed animals may stop singing and cards may get lost or thrown away; but the love that is shared with one another and God's love for us will never pass away.

Perfect Love

Don’t stress over living up to the fairytale. Your love story, no matter how simple or how elaborate, was designed by God. He perfected it. He wrote it. He even illustrated it and signed his name on your copy. He’s the author and the finisher.

Kiss of the King

Not so long ago, I read about a couple who shared a very special kiss. The story comes from an excerpt out of Brennan Manning’s book entitled, “Ragamuffin Gospel.” In it he describes a rather solemn scene between a surgical physician and a young couple.

Everlasting Treasure

The sanctity and sacredness of marriage is tied up in the unfathomable love Christ shows man. The most tangible picture we have of this is the love and union between a man and woman.

We Know Love By This

I find it impossible to lose sight of the fact that Christ not only died for our sins, but He also endured everything we would have to endure, so that we could never say that He didn’t understand our problems.

Love is a Verb

I felt that God had plunked me down in a random village in the Dominican Republic with no choice but to make the best of it. And though it took time, eventually, that’s exactly what I did. It was through these kinds of bare encounters that I learned that love does not choose us, we choose it.

The Father's Heart

Perhaps this Valentine's Day we can think of not only the ones that love us here, but also of the Father in heaven that has a very big heart for us. He cares, wants us to be healed, cleansed from our sins, in right relationship with Him and others around us, and on our way to heaven.

Be Mine

Would you like to receive a very special Valentine this year? The truth is, it has already been sent to you. It arrived Special Delivery two thousand years ago by way of God's only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.

Happy Valentines Day to Me!

Singles young and old, we are precious in the eyes of the Lord. Lets see ourselves as God sees us and treat ourselves with dignity, honor, and as a priceless jewel.

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