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The Blumes: The Open Doors of the Occult

By Gorman Woodfin
The 700 Club “If anybody would have told me I would be living my life the way I’m living it now -- from where I started -- I would just not simply have believed them.”

June and Wally Blume own Moose Tracks and Denali Flavors, Inc. Their ice cream flavors are some of the most popular in the country.

“Whoever would think that one scoop at a time, we would have the ability to get the gospel out to the world,” says June.

Wally says, “We have between 30 to 35 flavors now. We license them to dairies across the United States. We’re in between 80 to 90 dairies. They use our concepts to produce ice cream.”

While their success is unparalleled in the ice cream business, life was not always so positive for June and Wally.

June grew up in the church and knew what it meant to be a Christian. However, she longed for a deep, spiritual experience that she didn’t get in her church. So she went on a search to find spiritual power.

“We’re spiritual beings, and we are looking for something to fill that void within us,” she says. “Because I didn’t see the miraculous working power of Jesus Christ in the church, I went to the occult.

“I had a friend whose grandmother was solidly in the occult. She read crystal balls, tea leaves, cards and all of those kinds of things. She would invite me to go. We would have readings.”

June’s trek into the occult took her deeper and deeper into enemy territory.

She even planned to host a seance.

She says, “Now, I didn’t know that was not what we should be doing… I had God’s protective circle around me, but when I went that direction, those doors were broken. I allowed the enemy to march right in to my life. I experienced a lot of physical problems.”

Before long, a task as simple as walking across the room became unbearable.

“I was in pain constantly,” June says. “I went to a number of doctors. Back in those days, it was difficult to diagnose endometriosis.

“I was in the bed and on the couch most of the time. So it was difficult to be the wife that I needed to be for Wally.

“There were times when all you could do was just cry. It hurt so much.”

One day June asked her sister, who was a Christian, why her life was such a mess?

“She was very straight with me. She said, ‘June, it’s because you have sin in your life.’ She took me straight to Deuteronomy chapter 18 and showed me according to the Word that I was going to someone other than our Father for information. That was an abomination to God. I said, ‘What do we do?’ She said, ‘Would you like to repent and recommit your life to the Lord?’ I said, ‘Yes, I would like to do that.’ So she led me in that prayer.”

June’s search to fill the void in her life was finally over.

It was only when I recommitted my life to the Lord and asked for more of Him that that void literally went away. He filled that void for me,” she says. “Then the next night her husband had a Bible study and was teaching on healing. They laid hands on me. They prayed for me. It was just revolutionary. It changed my life.”

June’s symptoms disappeared, and her newfound joy was infectious. Her husband Wally was amazed.

Within two months, he also accepted Christ.

Wally Blume“Her energy level just jumped about 500 percent when she came back,” Wally says. “Before she was sick and couldn’t do anything. All of a sudden, after she came back, she was just a ball of fire. The difference just spoke to my life. I’m sitting there saying, ‘There’s something real here. This is something that really happened.’

June and Wally want to share the love of Christ with others every day, and they are doing it through ice cream!

“The goal for our business is to fund the gospel,” says Wally. “To bring people into the kingdom.”

They thank God daily -- not only for His blessing on their business -- but for what He’s done in their lives.

June says, “In my life I’ve seen so many people who have broken hearts, who need deliverance, just really bankrupt. Instead of running to God, they blame God. ‘Where were You? Why weren’t You there for me?' He was there all the time. My question to them would be: Why would you run away from the only One who can help you?”

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