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Sneaky Chef: Sneak-wiches

CBN.comBy now you know that a fan I am of taking time to make things ahead so they are ready to grab when I'm in a rush. '"Sneak-wiches" are a good example of this method. Much like the packaged versions in the grocery store, this is a homemade, healthier version of the convenient made-ahead sandwhich that you keep in the freezer. The key is a to remove the crusts of the bread and crimp together the edges to "seal" the sandwich together. I suggest making several sandwiches at a time and freezing each individually in a plastic bag. There are several filling options below.

Makes 1 sandwhich
2 slices sandwich bread, ideally whole grain

Choose fillings below:
Filling options: mix puree with other ingredient, then spread on each side of the bread

- 1 tablespoon each Orange Puree and Tomato Sauce plus 1-2 tablespoons cheese

- 1 tablespoon each Orange Puree (or White Bean Puree) and peanut butter, plus jam, if desired

- 1 tablespoon each Cherry or Strawberry Puree and light cream cheese

- 1 tablespoon each Orange Puree and shredded cheese plus 1-2 slices ham

-1 tablespoon light cream cheese mixed with mashed sardines (and/or tuna)

-1 tablespoon each Green Puree and mashed avocado, plus cucumber slices if desired

Trim crust off bread. Use a rolling pin to roll out each slice of bread on a cutting board until flattened (alternatively, use the palm of your hand to flatten the bread). In a small bowl, mix the filling ingredients. Spread about a tablespoon of the fillings on each flattened slice of bread, keeping about 1/4 inch away from the edges. Crimp the edges together with your fingers, then put the sandwich in a plastic bag and freeze until ready to eat. Put in lunch box frozen, and it will defrost by lunch time.

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