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Features Editor/Fitness Director, Men’s Health since 2000

Online Deputy Editor, Men’s Health

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist from National Strength and Conditioning Association

National Magazine Award-winning Journalist

Appeared on CBS’ The Early Show, ABC’s Good Morning America and VH1

B.A., English and Creative Writing, University of Missouri-Kansas City; MA, Exercise Physiology, University of Kansas


Adam Campbell's Big Book of Exercises


Adam Campbell says there were no comprehensive books on weight lifting and how to make a work out easier or harder.  He came up with a complete guide in The Men’s Health Big Book of Exercisesand The Women’s Health Big Book of ExercisesHe says scientific research from the University of Connecticut shows you can lose up to 10 pounds of fat per month without feeling hungry or deprived.  In the study, scientists discovered that this is attainable when combining the right kind of diet with the right kind of exercise.  Adam says using strictly cardio for weight loss burns calories.  “It’s important to work out with weights to protect muscles,” says Adam.  You can lose 7 – 10 pounds of fat but you will also be losing 2 – 3 pounds of muscles.  “Lifting weights is not about building 20-inch biceps,” says Adam.  After 12 years of reporting in the field of health and fitness, Adam says, “You’d have to be crazy not to lift weights, even if bigger biceps are the last thing you want.”

Not only will you lose more fat and burn more calories but clothes will fit better (1 pound of fat takes up 18% more space than 1 pound of muscle), your body will stay younger, stronger and more flexible.  You’ll fight off diseases like diabetes and cancer better.  You’ll be happier, sleep better, get in shape faster, fight depression, be more productive, add years to your life, stay sharper and even improve short and long-term memory.  When you lift weights, you cause tiny tears in your muscle fibers.  This accelerates the process known as muscle-protein synthesis that uses amino acids to repair and reinforce the fibers, making them resistant to future damage.  So when you regularly lift weights, your muscles adapt by getting stronger.  Everyday functions like walking up stairs or picking up light objects become effortless (this is known as the training effect).

Using Adam’s World’s Greatest 4-Week Diet and Exercise Plan, men and women can expect to lose 2 to 3 pounds of pure fat a week.  That’s an inch of fat every 14 days.  Adam says the diet and workout plans in his books are powerful.  Together they make every second of every exercise you do count a little more than it ever has before – the cumulative effect of which is the fastest results of your life.  He says many of the workouts are designed to be done in less than an hour.  Most take 30 minutes; some can be done 15 minutes a day, 3 days a week.  Short routines are actually beneficial and can double a beginner’s strength.  It’s important to vary the workouts every 4 weeks.  “Change something,” says Adam.  “Maybe the number of repititions of the exercise or the weight.”

Adam and top trainers from around the country developed some of the best workout challenges ever.  Choose a one like Get-Your-Body-Back, The Skinny Jeans Workout, The Bikini-Ready Workout or The Best Three-Exercise Workouts (shrink your hips with just 3 simple moves!).  Remember to allow for short rests between exercises for muscle recovery but this will still keep your heart rate up.  “Lifting weights doubles as a cardio workout,” says Adam. 

10 Top Reasons to Love Lifting Weights

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