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Serita Jakes

Senior Pastor of Hope Christian Church, Washington, DC

Presiding Bishop of The International Communion of Evangelical Churches

Founder/Chairman of the High Impact Leadership Coalition (HILC)


Worked for several Fortune 500 companies

Featured on CBS Nightly News, BET, The O’Reilly Factor on Fox, etc.

Received Watchman of the Year Award by the Family Research Council in 2011

BA in English, Williams College

MBA, Harvard Business School

Married, Michele (36 years)

Two grown daughters


Why it is Important to Pray for America

By The 700 Club DAYS
Bishop Jackson stopped going to church when he was thirteen. He began playing football and dropped out of the church choir. He graduated from Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, where he played football. He tried out for the New England Patriots but didn't make the team. After his father died, Bishop Jackson rededicated his life and decided to become a Christian minister. Bishop Jackson got married after graduating from college and was accepted into Harvard Business College. However, since he had already become licensed to preach Bishop Jackson turned Harvard down and decided to go to divinity school. Circumstances prevented him from attending divinity school so after writing an apology letter to Harvard requesting admittance a second time, they accepted him again -- this time with all tuition paid during his first year. After getting his MBA from Harvard, Bishop Jackson had the opportunity to work for a Wall Street company, but he said no after much prayer and consideration. He and his wife moved to Cleveland, Ohio, where he preached in the inner city. Soon he took a job at Corning Glass in Corning, New York, and preached in his free time. There he founded a church called the Christian Hope Center, and his parishioners were mostly white. "We really broke racial barriers for a black man pastoring white people in 1981," he says. During his time in Corning he says, “God increased my capacity to love the white people in my church.”  In his congregation were white farmers who grew up in Appalachian poverty. God convicted him and dealt with his heart over his racial and class issues. Bishop Jackson was recruited to Beltsville, Maryland to take over Hope Christian Church.
Bishop Jackson’s work in the area of public policy and issue advocacy has gained notoriety. His radio commentary “The Truth in Black and White” can be heard daily on 100+ stations nationally. With the pro-abortion movement and the anti-traditional marriage movement growing stronger he says it is time for America to wake up and cry out to God. “It seems to me that the great faith of our leaders has not drawn the nation to prayer. Instead the huge needs of the nation have always driven men of faith and goodwill to pursue divine intervention,” shares Bishop Jackson. He says people should pray continually for the needs of our nation because God is dealing with America and allowing things to be shaken that we never thought would be shaken. “We’ve gotten off track and we’re going the wrong way…God wants us to find our way back to Him,” says Bishop Jackson. He offers the following three fold process to guide Americans to turn back to God:

  1. Recognition - God wants us to recognize that we have drifted away from Him and His purposes. God wants us to return to ways of holiness in order to restore His presence, power, and purpose in our lives.
  2. Repentance – God wants us to cry out to him in prayer and turn from what we are doing that displeases Him.
  3. Restoration – By recognizing where we are and repenting, God then wants to restore His presence and His protection for America by keeping us safe. And, help America to regain prosperity.

Hope Christian Church (HCC) was founded in 1979 by David and Jean Longobardo. In 1988, Bishop Jackson began to lead the ministry. This multicultural congregation has two branches, one in the District of Columbia and one in Beltsville Maryland. HCC is making an impact in the community mentoring programs for local high schools and through its Jeremiah ministry which supplies food and clothing to those in need. HCC has been involved with several missions’ projects to the nations including partnering with a daughter church in South Africa to fund a mobile AIDS medical facility. The church’s impact is recognized widely in the area of public policy and societal change. Bishop Jackson has met with many members of Congress, been at the White House numerous times, and given a biblical worldview to leaders of Washington DC and the nation. He also founded the High Impact Leadership Coalition, which exists to protect the moral compass of America and to be an agent of healing to our nation by educating and empowering churches, community and political leaders. Educational summits with leaders around the country empower high impact leaders to make grassroots influence in their communities, states, and the nation.

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