The 700 Club with Pat Robertson

Jeff Usner


Author, Internet Millionaire: Your Blueprint to Succeed (2012)

Founder, Peake Strategies

Married, Jennifer

Father, Joshua, Joel, James, John and Joy


Secret Millionaire’s Blueprint for Success

By The 700 Club

Jeff grew up in a Lutheran home.  His mom brought him to church, but Jeff says he didn’t know the Lord personally until 2001.  In 2002, Jeff married Jennifer.  They were living a good life, moved to Colorado and their 2 children were happy.  They had a great house, incredible friends and a great marriage.  Jennifer was pregnant with their third child. They had nice cars in the garage and their software/marketing company was growing.  “I was struggling on the inside,” says Jeff.  “I worked endless hours.” He spent a lot of time away from home and as a result, they didn’t have the passionate relationship Jeff yearned for.  In addition, Jeff was piling up debt in his business.  “I had invested all this money in this new company, and our company wasn’t delivering on what we had promised to our thousands of clients.”  Jeff was stressed out and money and bills dominated his thoughts.  “My chin was primed for a major uppercut to take me out,” says Jeff.  “One more challenge and that would be it.”

Jeff and Jennifer went on their last appointment before delivery.  Something was wrong.  James, their unborn son, died in the womb.  Jennifer went through a regular delivery the next day.  “It was one of the hardest times in my life delivering to silence, instead of a newborn cry,” says Jeff.  For 2 days, Jeff held James and prayed over his body to come back to life.  He didn’t, but through this process, Jeff says his faith actually increased even though their world was rocked.

Four months after losing James, Jeff says he was at the gym warming up.  He pulled the bar on a weight machine toward his head and felt a piercing stab in his skull.  He felt ill and dizzy, his face was numb and he felt nauseous.  Jeff drove himself to the hospital where doctors ordered a CAT scan.  Jeff went back to work and got a call from doctors saying that Jeff suffered a stroke.  Before leaving his office, Jeff asked a couple of people to pray for a miracle.  As he drove to the hospital, Jeff had the strangest feeling.  He felt heat start at the top of his head and continue down his body.  “I’ve just been healed,” says Jeff.  He was admitted for further MRIs and tests.  The next morning, doctors said they couldn’t explain it but that there was no sign of stroke.  The arteries were clear and he was 100% healthy!

Jeff walked away from the stroke alive but still didn’t know how he would put food on the table. So he decided to redesign his life.  Jeff cut back over 50% of the hours he was spending in their business.  He cut back on employees and expenses and worked from home.  Jeff felt like the Lord spoke to him, Your life is not yours to live.  “I got my priorities right and put my wife first,” says Jeff.  Eight months later, Jeff was completely out of debt.  Within 18 months, Jeff created an online million dollar business. 

Jeff says making a lot of money, growing companies, influencing those around you are all great accomplishments.  But after it’s all said and done, if you haven’t given back to others, you will feel empty,” he says.  One day one of Jeff’s friends referred him to the show on ABC, The Secret Millionaire.  After the interview process, Jeff was selected.  “We left in a cab and I didn’t know where I was going next,” says Jeff.  The cab driver was driving him to the west side of San Antonio.  The driver, who grew up on the west side, told Jeff he used to run home so he wouldn’t get shot.  Jeff knew he was going into a rough area.  He went as a volunteer for several companies.  While he was filming the show, everyone he met had no idea they were filming an episode. “They thought I was shooting a documentary on volunteer organizations,” says Jeff.   The Secret Millionaire airs on Sundays at 8/7 pm on ABC.

He says it’s important to focus on what is in front of you.   “Let God raise you up,” says Jeff.  “He will redeem what you are doing.”

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