The 700 Club with Pat Robertson

Joan Fitzgerald

Former co-host, California Tonight, 1980s

Founder, Joan Fitzgerald Ministries

Ministered around the world


Joan Fitzgerald: In The Authority of His Name Joan says that she came to know the Lord at the age of 10. As a young woman, Joan ventured into the secular realm and strayed away from her faith. Later, in the early 1980s, she rededicated her life to the Lord and became filled with the Holy Spirit. Once when Dick Mills was ministering, Joan was in the audience and Dick had a word of knowledge for a woman named Joan. He told her that she would be involved in television and that Harald Bredesen would be her link. Weeks later, Joan visited a church and Harald was speaking. As she came forward for prayer, Harald had a word of knowledge for her that she would be in television! Soon, Joan was hired to co-host California Tonight, a local Christian TV show that aired in California in the 1980s.

She was healed of TMJ through a word of knowledge given by Pat on The 700 Club. She was also healed from an ovarian tumor in the 1980s. “God gives us the power to walk in the authority of His name,” says Joan. “It’s the name above all names.” She says that healing comes through the resurrection power that is made available to believers. “It’s the name of Jesus and faith in His name,” she says.

Since then Joan has had the opportunity to pray for people to be healed. In 1985, Joan got her start in ministry when she was called to preach under a tent in the pouring rain. An arsonist had burned down a church and the church held meetings under the tent where miraculous healings took place. Also in 2005, Joan prayed for a woman named Leslie in North Church in Carrollton, Texas. Leslie suffered from rheumatoid arthritis. In 2005, Joan says Leslie’s knees deteriorated so far that both needed to be replaced. In a wheelchair, Leslie was unable to bear her own weight. Joan asked Leslie to stand up on her own in the name of Jesus. When Leslie got out of the chair, the congregation held their breath. Then she began to walk, then run and then dance. The room went wild. People rushed to the front of the church.

Several months ago, Joan prayed for a man named Mike who was confined to a wheelchair after suffering a severe neck and spinal cord injury. His hands and feet had grown severely twisted and he was in constant pain. Then Joan prayed for Mike and anointed him with oil. His feet untwisted, he stood, kicked the wheelchair behind him and began to walk. Today he is totally healed and living a blessed life.

(In October 1990, Joan was at a military ball aboard the Queen Mary at Long Beach. During the cocktail hour, Joan was asked to host the guest of honor, Jimmy Stewart. While talking to Jimmy and his wife, Gloria, Joan waited for the right moment to bring up her faith. She asked, “Tell me about when you gave your life to Jesus.” Jimmy said he had only prayed to God. In the half hour that followed, Joan led Jimmy Stewart to the Lord.)

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