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Joyce Meyer: The Cost of a Penny

By The 700 Club

Joyce Meyer’s testimony is turning tragedy into triumph.  One of the ways that she tries to help people is through honestly sharing stories from her own life. In the beginning it was very difficult for her to confront her pain from the abuse she suffered as a child. Unfortunately, even in today’s society childhood abuse still happens, and it is a cause of great shame and destruction.  

Joyce can remember the pain and emotions that she went through as a result of the abuse and she hopes that The Penny will touch a chord and bring restoration to those trying to overcome their past.   Joyce wants to show them that there is hope, and they can have freedom.

Although Joyce has written many books on a variety of topics, this is her first work of fiction. Working with best-selling fiction author Deborah Bedford was a new and rewarding experience.  Neither one of them had ever co-authored a book. They are already working on their next project which will be released in 2009.

The storyline of The Penny is based on Joyce’s life but could also be the story of a million other people.  Two sisters are both being abused by an angry father, each responding in a different way.  Their mother is afraid to confront him which causes additional pain in the daughters’ lives. 

It’s also a story that depicts how God is always watching over us, even when we don't realize that He is. There is hope, bravery, survival and victory. 

Jenny, the main character, is a 14-year-old girl who shows great courage by doing what others are not willing to do and even what some would consider unpopular.

The book is written in the 1950s when the struggle for integration was at its height. At the time, many people would not have approved of Jenny's best friend, Aurelia, who is a black girl. But it’s through this friendship with Aurelia that ultimately leads Jenny into a personal relationship with Jesus. This is what gives Jenny the strength to confront her father and break the pattern of abuse in her family. 

Joyce is really excited that the book has been optioned for a movie. The rights have already been sold to Weinstein Company, and she will even get a chance to participate in the casting of the actors.   She’s glad to see that there have been a lot of recent movies about Bible stories, but she really hopes that this project will help people understand that God is available to everyone and works in our everyday life.

Joyce is also working on a project called “Hope Cambodia.”  It was inspired by her 2006 “Hope Rwanda” project where for 100 days people from around the world came together to bring healing and hope to Rwanda.  “Hope Cambodia” will be for 30 days and will take place from July 14 – August 12, 2007.  Projects will include building homes, orphanages, and community centers; caring for widows, orphans, and prisoners; training; teaching, and praise and worship with Hillsong's Darlene Zschech.

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