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Kevin and Layla Palmer

What to Get and Where to Find It

Canvas Drop Cloth (Hardware store, $10 panel)

Bookcases (Ikea, $59 big, $39 small)

Big frames (Michael’s, $10 ea)

Floral curtains (Ikea, $14.99)

Small dresser (Ikea, $109)

Double curtain rods (Target, Long #45, short #40)

Bookcase lights (Ikea, #12.99 ea)

Natural baskets (Ikea, $5.99 ea)

Small frames (Ikea, $4.99)


Kevin and Layla Palmer: Creating 'The Lettered Cottage'

By The 700 Club

Layla and Kevin Palmer are better known as “The Lettered Couple.” The Palmer’s have a small cottage in Alabama where they’ve conquered many “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) projects in order to make their house a home. Before they began their D.I.Y. journey, neither of them had ever operated a power tool.  Today they are decorating pros. 

The Palmers believe that moods are heavily dictated by a person’s surroundings, so they are in the process of creating a place that makes their souls smile.  Layla says that a space should initiate inspiration and cultivate creativity. 

The Palmers nicknamed their house "The Lettered Cottage," because of the passion they share for writing and the love of all things lettered. They say that it also seemed so appropriate that the first letter of each word in its name are "T", "L" and "C", because the Palmers say their home is definitely in need of lots of Tender Lovin' Care!

The Palmers chose to journal their projects, and along the way, they picked up many virtual followers on their blog,

Layla works from home as a design consultant. She spends most of her time creating inspired rooms where she wraps a bit of country, cottage and coastal touches all into one space.  Kevin is a musician. When he is not on tour with his band, he's usually fixing something up or tearing something down, in this "little cottage that could." 

Layla says she forced carpentry on Kevin.  Growing up, Kevin’s family would call a handyman to fix something like loose doorknobs.  So home repairs wasn’t something he was familiar with.  Layla is actually the one who taught Kevin the different types of saws and power tools.  Kevin began a love for power tools a year after they bought their first house in October 2003.  A year after they moved in, Layla had Kevin pulling up floors and that’s how it all began!

Kevin and Layla started writing down their life-long goals in January 2008, and they continually make sure to carve out time to modify them as necessary.  One day in late October, the Lettered Couple made a "run for the border" to take some time to talk about their goals. There, they shared one side of a booth and had a meeting of the minds and discussed everything from how they have gotten to where they were currently in life and where they see themselves going next.   Once they arrived back at the house, Layla immediately went to her computer to check responses of her virtual design consultations.  Instead, Layla found an e-mail from a 700 Club producer asking The Lettered Couple to do two decorating segments for the show.  Setting goals certainly worked for this couple because one of Layla’s life goals is to decorate a room for a television show. 

In the first segment, the couple will tackle a master bedroom makeover. On day one, they will shop for everything they need to re-do the room. Day two, cameras will capture the Palmers in action, re-doing the room from start to finish.  Day three will be the live reveal of the room.

For ideas to freshen up a room without a complete makeover, Layla will demonstrate how to decorate without spending a lot of money.  Frame favorite family photos and use them as wall art.  Inexpensive frames can be purchased at flea markets, yard sales or discount stores.  The Pottery Barn bedding used for the remodeling was purchased on eBay with the tags still on it.  Retail price $280; eBay price $139.95.  Vintage books that coordinate with your palette can be purchased for $1 or $2.  Shop your house for accessories.  What you need may be right under your nose!  Use furniture that you already have.  Use beadboard wallpaper ($14.97/roll for 56 square feet) to get the look of expensive wood wall treatments.  You get the same look and feel without the high cost.  Grab a gallon of paint (around $20) to get a totally new look in a room. 

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