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Lindsay Roberts

Conference speaker, teacher

Editor: Daily Blessing (periodical), Make Your Day Count (magazine), and Miracles Now (magazine)

TV Host: Something Good Tonight – The Hour of Healing and Make Your Day Count

Board of Regents of Oral Roberts University

Education: B.A., Rollins College; Attended ORU, Law

Oral Roberts University
P. O Box 2187
Tulsa, OK 74171
Stress Less Living
(Harrison House, 2003)

Lindsay Roberts: De-stressing Daily Living

The 700 Club


Before marrying Richard Roberts and ministering with the Roberts family, Lindsay Roberts was no stranger to trials. Her father died of cancer when she was 12 and her mother became ill soon after. Her mother lived godly principles, which she received through Oral Roberts ministry she was watching his nightly TV program and reading his book Three Most Important Steps to Your Better Health and Miracle Living. Lindsay's mother was soon healed by standing on God's promises for healing, and Lindsay learned to do the same.

On her eighteenth birthday, Lindsay was told by a physician that she would never have children. At 25, Lindsay was in the hospital with a cyst on her only functioning ovary. The doctor operated on it and was prepared to do a hysterectomy, but before the surgeon's eyes, God supernaturally healed Lindsay. After the surgery, Richard and Lindsay were able to conceive; however, this became the first of two miscarriages. Then, they seemed to have a successful pregnancy with the birth of their son, Richard Oral, on January 17, 1984. Unfortunately, he died two days later.

Around this time, Richard was preparing to go on a crusade in Nigeria. He was going to cancel the trip, but Lindsay told him to go ahead and she would follow. Lindsay had been given a rhema word by Kenneth Copeland about having children. She would declare, confess, and believe the word until it came to pass. God also told her that on the trip to Nigeria she would be healed. Shortly after they came back from their trip, she was pregnant with their first daughter, Jordan. Richard and Lindsay were later blessed with two more daughters, Olivia and Chloe.


One of the most stressful times for her family was in the early 1990s when Richard became the president of Oral Roberts University and the university was $50 million in debt. The pressure weakened Richard physically and was emotionally draining to Lindsay and their daughters. One evening, Lindsay prepared chicken stir-fry, one of Richard's favorite dishes, to try to cheer him up. During a mishap with their gas stove, Lindsay singed off her bangs and her eyebrows. Thankfully, she was not hurt. The girls and she decided to see if Richard would notice this when he got home. The family sat down to dinner without Richard detecting what happened to Lindsay. When the family brought it to his attention, he did not react. This hurt and angered Lindsay, and she brought the matter to God. He told her to pray for Richard with compassion and not to stop until she saw a change. Every day Lindsay and her mother would pray for Richard for about an hour. During this prayer time, God also spoke into Lindsay's heart that she needed to pour the love of God into Richard. Lindsay's mother and her daughters also ministered the love of God to Richard and declared God's Word. Suddenly, God transformed Richard and gave him the joy, faith, and wisdom to overcome the debt. Lindsay found that prayer and speaking God's Word had sustained her through one of the most trying times of her life.


Lindsay has a busy life with much stress. Along with helping Richard minister worldwide on crusades, she has a nightly TV program. She also has a daily TV program geared toward women. Lindsay has supervised the homeschooling of their three daughters, is on the Board of Regents at Oral Roberts University, and serves as editor for a periodical and several magazines. Stress Less Living is her latest book. Most of Lindsay's books share what she has experienced. Once Lindsay asked God, "Do I have to go through everything?" He replied, "No, just what you will minister."

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