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NYT bestselling author

Former publisher, Eating Well magazine

Founder, natural baby product line, BabySpa

Cooking instructor at NY’s finest culinary schools

Serves on Children’s Advisory Council of Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York Presbyterian where Sneaky Chef recipes are served to patients

Has appreared on The Today Show, Fox & Friends, etc.,

Has been featured in numerous magazines, Parenting, SELF, Family Fun, etc.

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Missy Chase Lapine: The Sneaky Fitness Concept

By The 700 Club

Many families are busy; kids’ calendars are busy; the family never seems to rest.  Yet many kids don’t actually physically move that much.  Much of what children do revolves around a TV screen. 

Missy says that new studies show that children are spending eight hours in front of something with a screen every day.  Childhood obesity is on the rise, but Missy says parents have the power to change all of that.  She says when it comes to nutrition and physical fitness, small changes have big benefits, but it’s hard to impart the concept of health to a child.  Just as The Sneaky Chef taught parents to feed healthy food to their children in the guise of kids’ favorite foods, Sneaky Fitness does the same thing.  “It doesn’t matter how kids come to learn that moving their bodies makes them feel good, what matters is that they learn the lesson before it’s too late,” says Missy.

The Sneaky Fitness concept is not an afterschool activity; rather it is a creative way to weave cardio workouts, strength training and flexibility into your kids’ everyday routines.  One day, Larysa Didio (Missy’s co-author and celebrity fitness trainer) was trying to get her son, Nicholas, to put his clothes in the hamper, but he was engrossed in his Leapster game.  Out of desperation, Larysa pretended to be a deer and jumped in front of him.  She told Nicholas to pretend he was a hungry bear and to chase her.  He kept running after her, laughing the whole time.  The next day, he wanted to play the game again.  Larysa was onto something!  When a mutual friend introduced Larysa and Missy, a partnership was formed.  They applied The Sneaky Chef concept to fitness. 

Sneaking fitness exercises in your child’s routine will help them have more energy, improve their mood, increase brain power, help with weight control, make stronger bones and muscles and help them sleep better.

Missy says to make a house rule:  no eating while in front of a screen—only mindful eating!  Also, she says while your teen is on a portable device or cell phone, they must agree to be up and pacing around.

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