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Myles Munroe: Uncover Your Potential

By The 700 Club

Myles says there is a purpose for prayer.  People stop praying because they feel like they are not getting answers.  “God’s purpose is more important than our plans,” says Myles.  For believers, prayer is not an option.  It is a necessity.  “Prayer is our invitation to God to intervene in the affairs of earth.  It is our request for Him to work His ways in this world.”  We should become a people of prayer.  Myles says we should begin by praying according to the Word of God and in the name of Jesus.  It is important for believers to understand that his or her purpose in life is to be God’s priest and intercessor for the world.        

Myles says there is difference between kingdom and religion.  Religions, he believes, are an attempt to answer the questions of power and meaning of life.  They promise to control circumstances and to explain life and death.  Myles says that man was given a mandate of having rulership or kingdom over the earth.  It was the initial assignment for mankind and is the key to fulfillment, and personal and corporate peace.  “When man fell from grace, he lost a kingdom, not a religion.  He lost dominion over the earth; He did not lose Heaven.  Therefore, mankind’s search is not for a religion or for Heaven but for his kingdom,” says Myles.  Rebellion, he reminds us, cost us the kingdom.  In order to be fully restored to our Kingdom, rebellion against God has to be dealt with.  He must be our number one priority.

The greatest secret to living effectively, says Myles, is understanding the power of priorities.  “Our life is the sum total of all the decisions we make every day, and those decisions are determined by our priorities,” says Myles.  Priority is defined as putting first things first.  When we set right priorities we use our time for intentional purposes.  That protects our energy, talents and gifts since our time is not being wasted or abused. 

Myles says it is important to understand the following kingdom concepts:

  1. Of Kings:  It is natural to desire power over things and circumstances, not people.  Seeking to influence people, opinion and policies is always appropriate.
  2.  Of Lord:  A king is lord over territory or property.  God chose to give man stewardship over earth.
  3. Of Territory:  Without territory, a kingdom cannot exist. The first thing God gave man was land.
  4. Of Constitution:  It is a royal contract and constitutes the expressed will of the king.  The Bible is God’s constitution for us.
  5. Of Law:  We need more than food to live.  Laws are built into creation and carry with it consequences for violation.
  6. Of Keys:  The kingdom of heaven is not a secret society, but its keys have to be learned. 
  7. Of Citizenship:  All nations have citizens and we must turn from rebellion and acknowledge Jesus as Lord of our lives.
  8. Of Culture:  Culture is the act of developing the intellectual and moral faculties ny education, expert care and training.  We need to take our cue from God because his attitudes and responses reveal Heaven’s culture.
  9. Of Giving to the King:  God is a giver.  Giving with no strings attached is the kind of giving that attracts the favor of God.
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