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Dr. Arnold Beresh

Diplomate of the American Board of Podiatric Surgery

Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons

Certified Wound Care Specialist

Member of the American Podiatric Medical Association

Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine, DPM

Married, wife Michele

A Closer Look

Dr. Arnold Beresh: A Pain in the Foot No More

By The 700 Club

Understanding the anatomy of the foot is crucial since this is one of the most complex parts of the body, consisting of 38 bones connected by numerous joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The foot is susceptible to many stresses. Foot pain and problems can cause pain, inflammation, or injury, resulting in limited movement and mobility. Conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, nerve and circulatory disorders can show their initial symptoms in the feet - so foot ailments can be your first sign of more serious medical problems.

Dr. Beresh says in order to have optimal foot health you have to be aware of how to take care of your feet. Some of the most common foot problems that he sees are often preventable. The five most common foot problems include:

(1) Athlete's Foot & Toenail Fungus - Athlete's foot is a fungal infection that usually appears between the toes, however the infection can affect any part of the foot or toenail. Athlete's foot can be caught from infected people when walking on moist surfaces, e.g. swimming pools, shared bathrooms, or when sharing towels or footwear. The infection can also spread to other parts of the body.

(2) Mycotic Toenails - Mycotic toenails usually give the nail a thickened, crusty and yellow appearance. They are fungal infections often caused by the same fungus that causes athlete's foot.

(3) Plantar Fasciitis – This is a condition that refers to the inflammation of the tissues connected to the heel bone. Plantar Faciitis is due to excessive pulling and stretching of the fibrous bands that support the arch of the foot. Usually the result of over pronation – a condition of where the foot rolls inward or outward. Dr. Beresh specializes in a new specialized technique called Cryoanalgesia that provides long term pain relief for various chronic podiatric conditions such as Morton's neuroma, plantar fasciitis, neuritis and fibromas. The procedure is minimally invasive and has proven to be extremely successful with long lasting results for chronic foot problems.

Dr. Beresh has some great recommendations for footwear on his fact sheet.

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