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Founder, Bob Boyd Evangelistic Association

Ministries Team, Norfolk – which conducts evangelistic campaigns worldwide

Former international speaker with Campus Crusade for 12 years

Former United Methodist minister

Ministered at 100+ universities including Princeton, UVA and Indiana Univ., in U.S. & worldwide

Doctorate in Theology, Asbury Seminary

Masters in Theology, magna cum laude, Dallas Seminary

William & Mary College

Married to Mallory; Four sons Bobby, Benjamin, Billy and Brian


guest bio

Bob Boyd: Ministering in Kenya

By Christy Biswell

The Bob Boyd Evangelistic Association (BBEA) has helped churches and campus ministries across the country and around the world multiply their evangelistic impact with a highly organized, systematic approach to spreading the Gospel and attracting new Christians. Bob and his team have many large evangelistic campaigns, including campaigns in Pakistan and India.

Bob Boyd

One of their most successful campaigns took place in 2003 in Webuye, a city in Western Kenya. Dr. Boyd would speak to crowds of people each evening. Each day, Bob’s wife, Mallory, and their sons, gathered crowds of children together. These children followed the boys to big open fields where they divided the children into big teams, played games, and then spoke to the kids. The boys offered a message of hope telling the kids that God loves them and that He had “plans for good and not for evil” for them. In these children’s world, one of every seven people is dying of AIDS, many are orphans, and many will soon die themselves.

Boyd Family

The Boyd boys invited the children to join a new “School of Discipleship.” The students are taught about the Bible, a relationship with Jesus, and the importance of rejecting witchcraft. As a result of the BBEA’s teachings, school teachers have testified that their entire schools have changed and the incidences of AIDS are decreasing in the schools.  Students no longer practice unsafe sex and many now renounce the circumcision rituals, since this is a major way that HIV/AIDS is spread.

BBEA has hundreds of strategic partners in Western Kenya who lead ministries in several cities. John Kipkimboi Matei started the School of Discipleship within the secular schools of western Kenya. At first, 200 students came to the school. Eventually, they had over 3,000. Today the school has grown to over 23,000 students in 65 different schools in Western Kenya. Bob and the BBEA team have returned each summer for five years to organize and teach the students in new, un-reached cities.


Bob Boyd ministering

This summer, the team traveled throughout various cities, going from school to school to speak to thousands of students, conducted a week long evangelistic campaign and trained the African leaders. As a result of their summer trip to Western Kenya, over 3,000 new students have been added to the School of Discipleship - now totaling over 23,000 students. In addition to the School of Discipleship, thousands of new adult believers have joined churches in Western Kenya.

The team also had the opportunity to visit a refugee camp of the displaced people whose homes were destroyed after the presidential election in December. The people were living in tents with very little food. The BBEA was able to bring $1,000 worth of food to distribute among the people and share a message of hope. The team spoke to 450 people with more than 300 salvations.

Bob Boyd in Kenya

In 1997, after 12 years as an International Speaker with Campus Crusade for Christ International, Bob and Mallory founded the Bob Boyd Evangelistic Association.
“We wanted to start a new evangelistic ministry and work with many churches and parachurch organizations,” Bob said. “Of course, we have continued to work with Campus Crusade for Christ International and will always do so, but now we work with many other missionary organizations and hundreds of churches around the world. Our Team has grown into a strongly-knit, highly-committed group of men and women focused on reaching the world for Christ.”

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