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New York Times Best Selling Author ten previous novels, latest, Water from My Heart (2015)

His books are available in 17 languages and 20 countries

MA, Journalism and Ph.D. in Communications from Regent University

Enjoys bow hunting, fishing, and has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do

Wife: Christy

Three sons: Charlie, John T. and Rives


Guest Bio

Writing Stories for the Heart


Charles quit his day job to pursue writing full-time. His journey brought him to the National Prayer Breakfast when he was hired to write about Mercy Ships. That assignment took Charles on his first trip to Nicaragua where his eyes were opened to the culture as well as the poor. Since then, Charles has founded a non-profit to help give back to the community that influenced his writing and faith many years ago.

His latest novel, Water From My Heart, describes the journey of Charlie, a successful businessman who travels to Nicaragua in an attempt to make restitution for the tragic consequences of one of his decisions. Charles’ book was inspired by a Nicaraguan family he got to know while documenting the aftermath of a massive mudslide that killed 3,000 people. “I know families who live in six by seven foot huts who live on less than two dollars a day, yet are more satisfied and happy than people in the U.S. who spend more than two dollars on their morning coffee without blinking,” says Charles. He recalls a moment when, during his first trip there, he found joy with the people he has come to call his second family, eating a mango in the sunshine despite the devastation that had wiped out their entire village. “While death had cut a wide swath, the place where I stood was teeming with life,” he said. Charles took those feelings and channeled them into Water From My Heart.

On his website, Charles shares how the Monday before his book was released his dad underwent surgery for bladder cancer after finishing up chemotherapy. Although Charles wanted to give blood for his dad’s surgery he could not because he had been out of the country twice in the past thirteen months to Nicaragua. “My King is good and He hates cancer far more than I do,” shares Charles. He is aware that he and his family are not the only ones who are struggling with a loved one who has cancer, but appreciates the prayers of his readers.


Charles was born and raised in in Jacksonville, FL.  He grew up fishing and playing football. Charles also loved to write since he was 15. He found that writing helped him get out on paper what he was not able to get out of his mouth. “I was dealing with girls, grades, sports and hormones,” says Charles.  “I didn’t know what to do with all that.” While attending college, Charles put his hopes for writing on hold. He played football at Georgia Tech but after an injury he was transferred to Florida State. After graduation he moved to Atlanta and saved up money to buy his high school sweetheart a ring. Charles and Christy were married in 1993 then moved to Virginia Beach where Christy worked as Charles attended graduate school at Regent University. When he was not in class, Charles was working at UPS. After completing his Masters in Journalism Charles continued with his academic studies and got his Ph.D. in Communications. He loved his experience at Regent University.  “I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” says Charles. In 1997, the desire to write bubbled to the surface. 

After graduation, Charles, with a wife and toddler to care for, moved back to Jacksonville.  He tried to get a job at an educational institution, but when he could not get anyone to hire him, his brother-in-law gave him a job selling insurance.  Charles sold insurance for 3 years while writing Dead Don’t Dance.  His manuscript was rejected 86 times.  “It was painful,” says Charles.  While he was waiting to be published, the insurance company offered Charles a 6-figure income with a 6-figure bonus.  “I didn’t want anything to do with the job,” says Charles.  “I needed the money, but I had this manuscript.”  While struggling with his writing career, he prayed, “Lord, is this You?

Where are You calling me?”  He knew writing wasn’t the way to make the most money, but knew God called  him to do something other than selling insurance. Charles really wanted to be a writer but knew he could not do it alone. That Sunday in church, Charles watched Christy break down during communion. “I know she gave it to the Lord,” he says. Later that evening, Christy told Charles, “Ok we are gonna do this one time and do it all out.”  The next day, Charles took a step of faith and resigned from his job.  He began building decks and doing pressure washing while trying to sell his script over the next 14 months. 


Charles still remembers what Christy said when she walked in with his 86th rejection letter.  She gave him the letter, kissed him and said, “You are not a reject to me.”  That was the lowest point for Charles and a turning point, too.  The Lord began opening doors.  Three weeks later, Charles got a contract from a publishing company that had previously rejected him. Soon he won awards and later got picked up by New York House.  “And that’s where the story changes,” says Charles.

Today his books are in 20 countries and printed in 17 different languages.  The rights to one of his novels, The Mountain Between Us has been purchased by 20th Century Fox and is currently under development for a motion picture. “This means they’ve ‘optioned’ the rights.  In English, that means they’ll work toward development and if all that goes well, we might end up with a movie in a few years,”  shares Charles.

When people ask Charles why he writes redemptive fiction he says, “I write it because I need it,” shares Charles. He likes to write hope-filled stories. “The world we live in is fed a daily dose of hopelessness.” Charles believes that “hope is worth writing about and worth celebrating.” He reminds us that the writer of Hebrews says, “Hope is the anchor of our soul, sure and steadfast.”

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