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Che Ahn
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Sr. Pastor, Harvest Rock
Church (now HRock Church), Pasadena, 1,200 members

President, Harvest International Ministries (HIM), network of over 7,000 churches and ministries in 40 nations worldwide

TV Show: Holy Spirit Today, broadcasts in over 200 nations

Co-Founder of The Call, president from 1999-2003

B.A. History, Univ. of MD

M.Div and D.Min, Fuller Theological Seminary


Che Ahn: When Heaven Comes Down

By The 700 Club

International evangelist Che Ahn says, “If we want to know God personally, to relate to Him intimately, we must be prepared to receive and experience His glory." From biblical insight and his many personal experiences with numerous revival movements around the world, Che has firsthand understanding of the manifest presence of God, His glory, and how it reveals both His character and His power.  

God's glory is untamable, unpredictable, and frequently provokes controversy, especially when it violates our “norms” for God.    Throughout scripture, God calls His people to know Him, to glorify Him and reflect His glory.  The more intimately we know God, the more His glory will be revealed to us and in us. 

Che says the latter house is better than the former (Haggai 2:7-8).  God will provide finances for His people and bring wealth. He is pouring out on His people to advance His Kingdom.           It is “harvest time.”  God’s glory is being taken outside of the four walls of the church building.  The presence of God is being taken to the lost.

Glory is the manifest presence of God, by which He reveals His character of goodness and displays His power through signs and wonders.  Sometimes we are not aware of God’s glory/presence, but it is there.  The manifestations of God’s glory don’t always come in the same way. Sometimes we might feel God’s glory as a weighty presence as we worship or pray.  It is real, with substance, impacting us and our surroundings.  His glory carries His presence, and God is more real than anything else in the universe.   Also, His glory can never be fully contained or definitively explained and it can be experienced in joyful awe and wonder.  As we have experienced traces of His glory we have been left hungry for more of Him.

There are several ways people can encounter more of God’s glory in their lives.  Another way is abiding in God – He gives His favor, humility, and holiness.  People can give or receive more of God’s glory by praying for/praying to receive more of His presence.  People can also go to “hot spots,” places known to receive God’s glory.  Prayers of humility, as found in Joel 2, will cause God’s spirit to be poured out.  Also, people can experience the glory by entering God’s Kingdom as a little child (Matthew 18) – trusting and surrendering to God.  Here are five key components to receiving God’s glory:

  1. Repent and consecrate – As in Joel 2, God urges His people to repent for their sins through prayer, fasting, weeping and mourning.  Then He will pour out His Spirit upon them. Repentance always comes before His glory is released.
  1. Hunger and thirst – In addition to repenting and consecrating ourselves to God, we must be hungry and thirsty for more of Him.  (Matthew 5:6).  Two of the great revivals, the Welsh Revival and the First Great Awakening, had powerful experiences with God’s glory that went around the world.  Hunger and thirst is not only the key to starting a revival, but also the key to receiving from revival.  Che’s church had revival start in 1995.  They had meetings five nights a week for  over three and a half years. This along with a covenant Che made with Lou Engle a year before ushered in The Call.
  1. Receive an impartation – People can also receive an impartation from men and women of God who are being used in revival.  A primary way to give or receive an impartation is through the laying on of hands.
  1. Give it away – God loves us and wants to abundantly bless us, but His glory is not just for us to receive and keep.  Once we have received His glory, it is important that we pray for people, preach the Gospel, heal the sick and cast out demons in the name of Jesus (Mark 16: 15-20). God’s glory is for the harvest and revival begins with the church.
  1. Build the Church – Receiving more glory is to build the church.  His glory is released for a larger purpose. Acts 2 says that the early church experienced Pentecost. They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teachings, breaking of bread, fellowship and prayer.  They continued building the Church in the midst of revival.

One of Che’s experiences with God’s glory happened in 1995.  After a month of nightly church meetings in a local auditorium, Che’s wife and young daughters opened the doors and were amazed at a vision of God’s glory – a white mist filled the building. Through the mist they saw translucent doves resting on chairs and rafters.  They also saw hundreds of angels.  Later that night they roused Lou Engle, who was a pastor at their church at the time and leader in intercessory prayer, to see this.    Engle separately questioned the girls about what they saw and both described the same things.  Engle was convinced the children were witnessing a heavenly visitation, and it lasted six months. 

The next day on his way to church, Che felt an increased presence of the Lord but saw nothing.  Che says in His grace, God chose to bless their church with the manifest presence of His glory.   The visitation of the glory has visited Harvest (HRock) Church for 16 years. The Call was birthed out of it. 


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