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The War in Iraq: Prophet Shares Spiritual Viewpoint

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Glenn Miller's book The Prophetic Fall of the Islamic Regime was first a message God called him to preach and then put in print. Glenn says the war in Iraq is more than a natural war; it is actually the result of a great spiritual conflict that will have eternal repercussions for more than one billion Muslims in the world. He says he has a mandate from God to reveal underlying reasons for the war. According to Glenn, Christians must interpret Scripture from a redemptive standpoint. While we are not bound by Old Testament law, the Old Testatment, says Glenn, “absolutely and unmistakably supports a basis for the war.” Because God doesn’t leave His people in the dark, modern-day prophets are being raised up to interpret what God is doing in the world today.

An Accurate Report

Glenn points out how a good reporter will tell you the who, what, where, when, why, and how of a story, but the fact is that only God can accurately answer the “why” question. Man does not understand the things of the Spirit without God’s revelation. Only spiritually discerning eyes can see the reasons for the war in Iraq, and a key is to see beyond the faces of war to the spirit(s) behind it. As Glenn says, “The spiritual stories seldom make the headlines.”

The Primary Reason for the Iraq War

The war in Iraq is not about terrorism. It is about the God of heaven and His compassionate love for 1 to 1.2 billion Muslims in the world. The primary cause for the war in Iraq is not Saddam or his regime, but the lying and masquerading Islamic Allah, the demon prince and his stranglehold over that portion of the world. To focus on Saddam is to fall short of the facts. God is releasing a series of judgements against Allah. He is pulling the veil off the Muslim eyes. The result will be one of the greatest revivals ever – the release of the Islamic world.

Glenn puts forth the three principles employed by God to bring a nation from the kingdom of this world into the kingdom of His Son.

Hence, U.S. troops not only freed Iraqis from a madman, but God used them to bring judgement and confusion to the demonic forces at work in the Muslim world. Glenn says the same God who gave orders regarding the Canaanites under Joshua in 1440 B.C. vested Himself in American military leaders in A.D. 2003 to begin to rout Allah. Glenn draws many parallels between the liberation of the Israelites from the Egyptians and the liberation of Iraq from Allah. As proof of his prophetic proclamation of the underlying reasons for the war in Iraq, Glenn points to Exodus 12:11-13, where the Bible says, “and against all the gods of Egypt, I will execute judgment; I am the Lord.”

George W. Bush Is Getting It Done

Glenn says George H. Bush wasn’t willing to participate fully in the third principle to sacrificially commit men and money to decapitate evil in the first Gulf War. But George W. has done that. He has decapitated the head of evil there by removing Saddam. Glenn says the presence of the Lord came into his hotel room earlier this month, and He said these words, “ We are at war against the spirit of Allah. Where the first George Bush failed in his assignment, his son is able to fulfill. His father couldn’t because he turned back short.”

A Proven Prophet

Glenn Miller has practiced the prophetic gifts throughout his adult life. He spent 15 years as a pastor in Florida. Since 1990, he’s been traveling and speaking as a prophet to the body of Christ. Glenn believes that the Lord mandated him to speak prophetically to the church about the underlying purposes of God as they relate to the war in Iraq.

Glenn prophesied before 9-11 that we would go back into Iraq and would take the head off the serpent. He also spoke this prophesy before Florida endured the hurricanes in the fall of 2004:

"I will do a new thing in the Central Florida area, saith the King. I will begin to repair the foundations of the righteous. I will re-dig the wells that have been stopped up and I will break the yokes of opposition and I will show My power. Within 24 months, saith the King, a new anointing will have come to Central Florida that will get the attention of the nation and the world. Hear the Word of the Lord. I am going to move. I am sending a storm into Florida. It will break, it shall quake, it shall destroy, and it shall build. For I am doing a new thing and I am bringing My power back. It is a time to rejoice, for I will show My strength and I will show My power to a people who are hungry for me, saith the Lord."

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