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Celebrity personal trainer, 20 years

Clients include Madonna, Demi Moore, Naomi Watts, Sharon Stone, Christy Turlington, and many others.

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Rob Parr: Celebrity Fitness Trainer

By Mimi Elliott

Rob’s 12 week weight loss and muscle-toning program includes a basic essential exercise and diet program.

“Fitness and smart eating aren’t that hard to do,” says Rob. “The hardest part is having motivation and dedication…in other words…sticking with the program.” 

Rob teaches the basics of fitness to his clients. Then he customizes the program. The “glitz and glam” accessories come in the form of cardio, resistance and nutrition tips that will change up your regular routine and prevent redundancy-caused ruts, boredom and dropout.

“Know that you will sweat buckets,” says Rob. He says stars get paid to look good. “That’s why they pay me to make them look good.”

The average exerciser plateaus after six months because her workout is no longer a challenge to her body. Muscles learn to expect certain types of repetitive movements.  That’s why a really hard routine becomes easy….the muscles are trained. 

“You have taken the ‘work’ out of ‘workout,’” says Rob, “allowing the routine to become too easy.  That’s called cheating yourself.” 

Rob says if we want to keep up our exercise regime and get results long term, we need to change it up. 

“You will experience more change with change,” says Rob.

To keep things interesting for Demi Moore, Rob took her hiking, kayaking, and mountain biking. In the winter he would take advantage of the snow. For one hour they would snowshoe, or climb over big logs and rocks and then do resistance work for 20 to 45 minutes.

First he says there are three basic body types: ectomorph (thin types like Naomi Watts), endomorph (hourglass type like Demi Moore), and mesomorph (athletic like Madonna).  His celebrity body types serve as examples over the overused “fruit” analogies to help achieve fitness goals. 


Robb was a natural athlete growing up and excelled in football and baseball as a teen in Los Angeles. He toyed with the idea of becoming a professional baseball player after graduating from high school, but instead Rob decided to attend Cal Poly University, majoring in exercise physiology. At the end of his senior year, Rob signed with the San Francisco Giants organization.

In 1983, Rob joined the Sports Connection team as a trainer and soon became the fitness center’s manager. (He was so perfect at his job that Rob even played himself in the movie, Perfect, as the popular manager of a mythical sports club.) Rob’s reputation spread and individuals began asking Rob to personally train them, including Madonna, who in 1987 asked Rob to help her cross train. Rob trained her for two hours a day, seven days a week, for five years. 

In 1991, John McEnroe asked Rob to help him improve his endurance as he tried for his fifth U.S. Open title. In the same year, Demi Moore, who was pregnant at the time, asked Rob to help her get in shape for the now infamous Vanity Fair cover shoot. Two years ago, Naomi Watts called and said she had to be “bikini ready” in two weeks for the Huckabees and worked with her most recently for the movie, King Kong.

Rob advises people to determine their fitness level before beginning any fitness program.

He says there is a difference between spot reducing and target toning. As a guest on The 700 Club, Rob demonstrates exercises to combat target toning areas.

“You can’t spot reduce (shed fat in a particular area), but you can target tone (tighten the muscle in a particular area),” says Rob. 

Target toning involves bringing awareness to a specific area in order to engage the supporting muscles. These zones tend to be more difficult to work because the areas are weaker and “we don’t like to work on them since is it hard and painful.” 

All women have specific areas of concern, including: calves, chest/armpit pudge, “bat wings” or underarm flap, bra-strap fat and big or flat rear ends. 

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