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Sabrina O'Malone

Former Mrs. New Jersey, appeared on nationally televised Mrs. America pageant, 2001

Pfizer Pharmaceutical Rep., 10 years

Rutgers University, Marketing

Married to Dan; three children: Daniel, Christiana, and Angelica

Prayers for the Working Mom
(ACW Press, 2003)

Sabrina O'Malone: Help for Working Moms

By The 700 Club WORKING MOMS

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, over 36 million mothers work outside the home. No amount of positive thinking or leadership techniques can change the fact that it's not possible for women to give 100 percent on the job and 100 percent to their families. Sabrina says that there are working mothers (including herself) who work outside the home successfully and manage their homes, too. She says there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the ever present quandary: "Can I be a great employee and a great mother?" "Being a great employee and a great mother are not opposites," says Sabrina. "It's possible to be great at both; many women are, but it cannot be accomplished alone." She says two kinds of help are needed: physical and spiritual.

Because there always comes a time when every working mother is tested beyond her perceived limit, Sabrina says there is nowhere else to turn except to God. Most of us live in two separate worlds: a personal private world, and a public, demanding world. Working mothers are caught in the middle. Sabrina says that the bottom line is that working moms need a miracle to give 100 percent on the job and to the family at the same time. "There's only one place to go when you need a miracle and that's to God," she says.


Sabrina says it's not about how organized a working mom is, nor is it based on how well she can multitask. She says it really boils down to prayer. She reminds us that it's the key to opening joy, gratitude, praise, and fulfillment in our lives. In practical terms, though, Sabrina found seven secrets to balancing it all:

1. Prayer Partners. Find another woman to pray with you.

2. Eliminate the Extraneous. Decide what things are beneficial and constructive.

3. Delegation. Working moms can't do it all, so find someone to help and be grateful for it.

4. Multitasking. Stack activities to free up time. For example, listen to Bible CDs in the car while commuting.

5. Show Up…Big Time. Let your good works glorify God. Make Plan A, B, C, and D for childcare.

6. Define Success. Create goals to be the best you you can be.

7. Replenish Your Spirit. Be healthy. Get sleep! Read your Bible.

Sabrina gives practical tips in her book and on her Web site, but she says that the majority of working women who log onto her site are non-Christians looking for answers! "I thought I wrote the book for Christian women!" she says. Over 100,000 women check out her site for time-saving tips and realize that the answer to their challenges is Jesus. "All the practical tips are irrelevant without a relationship with Christ," says Sabrina. She says working moms who come to the Lord are in such a strategic position. Not only do they impact their own homes, but they also impact the marketplace in which they work.

Sabrina gave her heart to the Lord when she was 25 years old and soon married her husband, Dan. After her children were born, Sabrina worked outside her home. On her way to work, she listened to Christian radio stations, which encouraged stay-at-home moms and rarely gave encouragement for working moms. Sabrina began to pray for more resources for working moms. As she collected information and shared it with others, Sabrina realized that God gave her the task. While writing her book, Sabrina mentioned to her colleagues that she was writing a book for working moms. Jokingly, she said, "Bet you if I was Mrs. America, my book would just fly off the shelves!" Her workers encouraged her, and Dan suggested that they look up what she needed to do to be Mrs. America. Sabrina won the title of Mrs. New Jersey and competed in the nationally telecast Mrs. America pageant.

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