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Spencer Tillman

Former NFL player for the Houston Oilers (1987-88 and 1992-94) and the San Francisco 49ers (1989-91) where he won a Super Bowl and served as team captain

Sports Broadcaster for CBS including DirecTV's Sunday NFL Ticket and College Football Today

Speaker for organizations such as BMW and North America

Contributor for the Wall Street Journal, the San Francisco Chronicle, etc.

BS in Communications and Journalism, University of Oklahoma

Married to Rita and father of four daughters.

Featured Book

'Scoring in the Red Zone'
(Thomas Nelson Book Group 2005)


In the 'Red Zone' with Spencer Tillman A MARATHON WALK WITH GOD
Following the death of his mother in 2002, Spencer reflected on his life and recognized that although he had a great life in comparison to most, something was still missing. As he remembered his mother's life he recalled how, although she did not come from a family of means, she did not allow that to hold her back in life. She went on to become a missionary, both at home and abroad, sharing God's love with thousands of people. She had been given so little but she had turned it into something extraordinary.

His thoughts turned to himself; did his life even hold a candle to what God had envisioned for him? Had he even fulfilled half of his potential? Thoughts like these nagged him for the next two months. Then early one March morning, he was sitting at home thinking and praying, when he suddenly felt an impulse to get up and go for a walk. Having no idea where he was headed, he simply obeyed. It was during this walk that Spencer experienced a sense of overwhelming peace and began to hear from God. It was during this twenty six mile walk - the distance of a marathon - that God began to share insights with Spencer about making his time count while here on earth. He made it clear to Spencer that He was calling him to leadership. He began to talk to Spencer about spending time with Him, learning what He had called and equipped him to do; not what Spencer had called and equipped himself to do. After returning home from this remarkable interlude, Spencer was equipped with a fully realized vision of how God wanted him to direct his energies towards for the future.

You don't have to like football to understand the concepts and principles that Spencer Tillman, former NFL Player and Super Bowl Champion, reveals in his new book Scoring in the Red Zone: How to Lead Successfully When the Pressure is On. Spencer says on the football field, the Red Zone is not so much a location as a situation - a set of circumstances that, taken together, put an enormous amount of pressure on both the individual and the team to do their jobs rights. But Red Zone situations aren't restricted to the world of sports. We encounter them in every area of our life - at home, at school, at work, at church, in our marriage, and in our community. Red Zones are when traditional moral convictions and opposing secular norms collide; your leadership strength and capacity are challenged in the extreme. Success depends on your ability to withstand these temptations and assert your moral convictions. He says you know you are entering a Red Zone when: (1) the need to achieve your objective is suddenly increasing at the same time that (2) the obstacles between you and your objective are going more formidable (3) your options for overcoming those obstacles are decreasing and (4) time is running out. In his book, he offers three core concepts and seven operating principles that will help you maximize your strengths and exploit your opposition's weaknesses for a solid game plan in life.

Core Concepts

Operating Principles

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