Transforming Fear Into Courage

Since the tragic terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001, thousands of Americans of all ages have suffered unsettling fear, anxiety and grief. The devastating collapse of the World Trade Center was especially traumatizing for many young children and teens in New York and throughout the country.

To help children overcome fear, CBN Animation, in partnership with the American Bible Society in Manhattan, has released its latest award-winning computer animation special, titled Courage – Helping Kids Cope With Fear and Grief.

This captivating one-hour video features two endearing virtual characters from CBN’s Storyteller Café series. The two visit New York City and conduct live interviews with real Ground Zero rescue workers, firefighters, survivors and children.

During their journey, they ask several thought-provoking questions, such as what does it feel like to be sad or afraid, and what should you do when you have these feelings?

Along the way, they receive some very profound answers and discover that everyone feels fear or sadness at some point in their lives. They also learn that through love, communicating with family and friends, prayer and trusting God, “Fear can become courage and sadness can become hope!”

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Ground Zero heroes and animated characters discuss how children can overcome the powerful emotions triggered by the events of September 11.